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BMW Motorcycles
The Challenge:
Boise Successful MarketingMax BMW Motorcycles had a strong presence on Ebay generating motorcycle sales. The lucrative Ebay marketing was brought to an abrupt halt after smaller BMW dealers complained that Max BMW was cutting into their local markets with their online listings and lower prices. 56 Media Group was brought in by Square Spot Studio to generate an SEM (Search Engine Marketing) campaign that would create additional online visibility to replace the lost Ebay revenue.

The Solution:
After conducting an analysis of the Max BMW web site and researching online competition, 56 Media Group put together a budget sensitive marketing campaign designed to target the top 15 Google organic search listings. The market research revealed a high search volume (with some terms generating over a million searches in warmer seasons) with a saturated and extremely competitive fight for top placement. Before beginning the organic marketing campaign, the Max BMW website was not listed in the top 1000 search results for 10 of the top 15 search phrases surrounding the "BMW Motorcycles" market and only broke into the top 20 results for two keywords.

The Results:
The Max BMW web site currently ranks in the top 3 Google results for all 15 targeted keywords. Site visitor traffic increased by 86% in the first month of marketing with an additional 13% increase over the next 4 months with visitors reaching over 1 million and climbing. An increase in site visitors is one thing but 56 Media Group measures the more valuable statistic of conversions. Visitors to a web site is easy to gain, targeted visitors who buy are much harder. Max BMW Motorcycles currently claims a 30% conversion rate through their site. Out of the million visitors a month who visit their site, 30,000 of them purchase while there.

"MAX BMW has been having its best year ever. They are selling motorcycles all over the US and most of the initial contact is coming from online."
Judson Bartlett - Square Spot Studio

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