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What is wrong with print, TV, Radio, or Mail marketing?
Print, TV, Radio, and Mail advertisements are slowly losing their impact as more and more consumers search for information and products through the web. Print, TV, and Mail marketing are a form of interuption marketing... meaning that the product or service is pushed to a broad audience whether the group has any need for that product or not. It is a numbers game and marketers are hoping that a percentage of people who receive the marketing message will want what is being offered. But this percentage is often very low because it has to hit; Boise Web Marketing

  • The right age group
  • The right sex
  • The right location
  • The person in the household with the power to purchase
  • The person has to have a need for the product at that particular time

Not to mention, a number of other factors dealing with income brackets, expendable cash flow, product/service quality, etc...

Search Engine Marketing to Reach a More Focused Audience!
What other form of marketing has people searching for your business or service all day long? Instead of pushing your message and spending a lot of money hoping to get lucky, search engine marketing can provide you with pre-qualifiedpotential customers who are already searching for your product or service! What is easier... selling somebody something that they already want, have the money for, and are currently searching to buy, or convincing an unqualified lead that they need what you are selling? Converting site visitors into clients is much easier when they come to a web site prequalified by targeted search engine results. Search engine marketing allows a business to be in front of consumers at the very moment that they need what you are offering.

BoisePrior to search engines, the phone book was a great marketing resource because it allowed a business to reach a market segment that knew exactly what they wanted. But with the new resources available for acquiring information online, the web has overtaken the phone book as the place where people search for local businesses, products, and services. 65% of web users have substituted web search for the phone book.

Search Engine Marketing is a cost effective way to reach a large amount of targeted new clients. Contact us to learn how 56 Media Group can put together a marketing plan to put consumers on your web site and increase conversions.

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